02 7 / 2013

Last Reminder!

Karen and I will be at Anime Expo’s Artist Alley starting on Thursday! Our table number is A-60 and we’ll have tons of goodies for everyone! I will leave the table once in a while to do some (unofficial) photography for the K Day events Viz is hosting, but otherwise stop by and say hi and buy something, if you want to! 

SPECIAL NOTE: our printer, catprint.com, gave us free coupons to give out to artists at Anime Expo. It’s a 20% off coupon for your ENTIRE print order so if you’re going to Otakon or need to restock on prints, please come take a business card or a flyer from us!! They have super sweet customer service and will help out if you don’t know what you’re doing!! 

Please have a SAFE and FUN Anime Expo, everyone!



HEY EVERYONE!! Viz is hosting an entire day of K Project related events at Anime Expo! Please come take a look if you’re a fan! :

Celebrate North America’s hottest new anime series – “K” – as Viz Mediamakes Friday, July 5th “K Day!” Festivities start at 11AM in Room LP1 with the special English world premiere of the series, followed by a Behind the Scenes Q&A hosted by staff and English voice cast, including Patrick Seitz (voice of Reisi Munakata), Stephanie Sheh (voice of Neko), Matt Mercer (voice of Kuroh Yatogami and Keith Silverstein (voice of Mikoto Suoh). The voice cast will also appear at a special autograph session at 2:30PM in the Anime Expo Autograph Area, followed by a photo op at the Viz Media both at 3:30PM. Finally, cap the day with a photo op at the Viz Media booth at 5PM with renowned Japanesecosplayer and Anime Expo Industry Guest KANAME☆ (appearing courtesy ofKing Records) as he portrays his latest creation, “K” character Saruhiko Fushimi. Fans that purchase a specially selected “K” item from the Kinokuniya Booth (1401) will receive an exclusive ticket for a one-on-one photo with KANAME☆.



Also, be aware that the K Project COSPLAY MEET is on THURSDAY, 3:00 PM @ Site 1!! COSPLAY INFO HERE

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